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Babbie Green, Johnny Green
Babbie Green & John Boswell

Performed by Babbie Green and John Boswell
(LALS 1004)
Released 12.1.11

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No Harm Done, Coquette

The Songs of Babbie Green and Johnny Green
with Babbie Green & John Boswell
and Julie Esposito

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Sitting by the piano while Babbie's Dad played for us is one of my most treasured childhood memories. Little did I know that the girl I knew, sitting there quietly listening to Johnny play, would display his touch and his music and in hers; his blood in her veins; his music music in her soul, inseparably melded with her own. It's difficult to see where his music ends and hers begins. Brava, Babbie! May God bless the daughters of famous fathers.
    — Nancy Sinatra

The daughter of Richard Rodgers thinks the daughter of John Green is wildly talented. Her father would be proud. My father is proud of her, too.
    — Mary Rodgers

Bye Now... Notes from Cabaret Country
- Babbie Green and John Boswell

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Photo : Babbie Green and John Boswell with Kestrel
See more of Kestrel And Friends at

- Babbie Green and John Boswell

Duets... mostly

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Soldiers of the Heart
   - more songs of Babbie Green

MAC nominee for Multiple Artist Recording of the Year

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In Nobody's Shadow
- Songs for the Theatre
by Babbie Green

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